In 1911 the “Nordlandpanorama” was presented to the public in today’s Wuppertal Zoo (Zoo in Elberfeld). Impressive, artificial rocky landscapes and a unique panorama made it possible for visitors to view Polar Bears, Sea Lions and Mountain Goats at the same time. The founder of “Hagenbecks Tierpark” in Hamburg, Carl Hagenbeck (1844-1913), advised the zoo on the construction of this Elberfeld Polar Bear facility.

The Zoological Garden Wuppertal plans to redesign and reuse the existing Polar Bear facility and the seal facility in front of it.

The objective is to bring the old facility (Polar Bears and Seals) to a new use through an innovative concept, possibly also by changing the animal population. The new concept should be based on “best practice” animal husbandry and present the visitors an attractive and educational facility, that fits in well with their surroundings.

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