Merely by its size the “Dickhäuter” (Pachyderm) House in Berlin Zoo makes an impressive impression. The house, which opened in 1989, has a floor area of ca. 7000 square meters. In addition to the African and Asian elephants, it also houses other large animals like Indian Rhinoceroses and manatees. The large mammals are presented in a classic historical manner of presentation in individual stables lined up side by side.

Tierpark Berlin is therefore planning to reconstruct and modernise the Pachyderm House. In the future, a modern and sustainable overall system for mainly African Elephants is to be created. As part of the redesign, the Pachyderm House is planned in an authentically designed African experience area. Restructuring the interior will improve animal husbandry conditions in particular.

The spacious free-range hall, flooded with light through the ETFE foil cushion roof, with natural sand floor, a large bathing pool and many hidden and visible animal activities, will allow for a varied and natural presentation and keeping of the African animals in the future.

Quote of Dr. Knieriem, Director of Tierpark Berlin: “The new elephant house will not only be an important milestone for Tierpark Berlin, but also for the entire elephant keeping in Europe.”

The visitor area will also be an attractive experience in summer, when the main residents of the house are absent, thanks to barrier-free, accompanying habitats of small mammals, reptiles and birds.

Key facts:

Opening: ca. Summer 2022
Surface Area: Building ca. 11.300 m² / outdoor facilities ca. 15.800 m²

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