The Tropical Aquarium is one of our current flagship projects. Covering a surface of 7.831 sqm, the building has numerous floor levels that allow the visitors to walk among wildlife, free-flying birds and fruit bats. The challenge was to develop exhibit concepts for reptiles, amphibians and small mammals, according to the general vision of Carl Hagenbeck, the inventor of the moat exhibit.

The upper levels, with dense tropical vegetation and full-size trees, show various worldwide tropical environments and feature an African safari lodge, a tropical village, one of the largest indoor crocodile tanks in the world, a mangrove swamp and numerous smaller exhibits for mammals, reptiles insects and arachnids.

From the upper tropical rainforest levels, visitors wind their way down underground through a bat-filled cave system and arrive at the aquarium, where a diverse selection of marine and freshwater environments are exhibited. Passages and galleries, featuring a beautiful and unique living stone coral tank, an anemone cylinder, lionfish, moray-filled Amazon tanks, and a jellyfish exhibit, lead to the centrepiece, a 2.400 cbm deepwater shark and ray tank, with an auditorium overlooking a massive curved panorama panel, 15m long and 7,5 m high.

The building follows a number of innovative water and energy optimization ideas. This unique sustainability concept resulted in an international sustainability award in 2009.


Opening: 2007
Surface Area: approx. 7.800 sqm

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