In 1969 the Rostock zoo opened a polar bear exhibit, which was then considered as one of the most modern bear exhibits. Soon later Rostock zoo was able to present regular breeding successes among there polar bears. It is due to these successful polar bear breeding that the Rostock zoo has chosen the polar bear as its logo and holds the international polar bear studbook since many years. However, as time passes by and half a century later the by now old enclosure got out of date. Hence, the zoo of Rostock has decided at the beginning of 2016 to tender through European-wide competition (VOF) for the development a modern, state of the art polar bear’s breeding environment. Furthermore the tender also included a new concept for the neighboring Humboldt penguin exhibit.The ZooQuariumDesign GmbH won the competition and was awarded as the general planner together with its longterm partner, the Engineering office Pinck. Taking the long tradition of the zoo into account and considering the exposed position within the zoo, a concept was developed which covers the needs of the animals, visitors and the zoo management. This concept includes the latest best practice, breeding and husbandry experiences as well as a number of a number of innovative environmental enrichments for the animals. The visitors can expect unique animal experiences, through varying viewpoints showing the animals in different landscapes. A visitor’s centre (Polarium), including interactive and highly educative exhibitions, underwater viewing options and an aquarium, providing the visitor with interesting information about the life in the polar regions of our globe. The project “Polarium” was opened in September 2018, in time for the 800-year town jubilee of the Baltic city of Rostock.


Opening: Summer 2018
Surface Area: approx. 12.500

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