The concept of this building follows the idea of a housed outdoor exhibit. The innovative 1.000 sqm Orang-Utan-Dome at Tierpark Hagenbeck is capable of opening three quarters of the dome within 7 minutes, giving these tropical animals and the visitor the feeling of being outdoors. To make this possible, the ETFE membrane and steel tubing roof structure can be partially rotated. Once closed, the humidity and temperature inside are adjusted to simulate the Tropics. A water moat acts as an animal/public barrier, allowing a free and undisturbed view on the animals. A number of individually developed, flexible climbing devices ensure a lot of challenging climbing activities for the great apes (Pongo abelii). Furthermore, different custom-made, innovative playing devices, as well as the introduction of Asian short-clawed otters (Aonyx cinerea) in the exhibit, result in adequately challenging behavioural enrichment for these demanding great ape species.

A modern and innovative architecture improves animal welfare, resulting in a unique and exciting visitor experience.


Opening: 2003
Surface Area: approx. 1.000 sqm

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