The existing Pinniped Pavillion in the Zoo of Moscow is in an extremely vulnerable state and urgently requires a general revision, which includes a new zoological and operation concept. ZOOQUARIUMDESIGN is responsible for the assessment of the existing Pavillion and the development of a new innovative pinniped facility. Considering the long tradition of the Moscow Zoo in the successful husbandry, management and breeding of varius piniped species, as well as the exposed location of the enclosure within the park and having evaluated the desolate structural condition of the existing Pavillion, we proposed the development of a new concept including an entirely new facility.
The Concept of the new Pinniped-Pavillion optimizes animal wellfare and husbandry under consideration of best practice experiences and combines them with unique visitor experiences including educational and conservational task of a modern zoo. Furthermore operational processes are optimized.
Through a natural design and theming and of its proximity to the bordering Elephant enclosure a new Restaurant named “The Giants Lodge” is suggested, which would increases the attractiveness of the location and provides additional revenue and event facilities.

Surface area: app. 6.300 m²

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