ZOOQUARIUMDESIGN GmbH financially supports the Uganda Wildlife and Education Centre (www.uwec.ug) in Entebbe, Uganda as an ongoing project.

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is one of Africa’s biodiversity hotspots, not only one of the last habitats of the highly endangered mountain gorilla. Also, the highly endangered Shoebill Stork is native to the wetlands of Uganda and so the list could continue.

The UWEC in Entebbe, with its outstanding environmental education and teaching program in particular, is a major contributor to convincing future generations of the need to work for the protection of their wildlife and associated habitats.

But also, in the active protection of species in the country, the UWEC is involved in countless projects. In an integrated, well-equipped veterinary clinic, injured native animals are cared for, in order to be released back into nature.

ZOOQUARIUMDESIGN GmbH supports the Uganda Wildlife and Education Centre with a fixed and project-related amount, which enables the institution to implement smaller projects, repairs or construction projects.

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