The aging tropical house in the heart of the privately-run Parco Natura Viva (Italy) is located in the middle of a conservation area and right on the border of two municipalities.
Based on the inventory protection and the first concept approach developed by ZOOQUARIUMDESIGN the reconstruction of a new, almost identical, hall was approved.
Subsequently, the ZOOQUARIUMDESIGN planning team was commissioned with the concept for the planning and the design of the entire hall. This included the selection of animals and their enclosure design including the necessary technology (water and building services), as well as the visitor guidance and the management areas behind the scenes.
In close cooperation with the client and his local planning and zoo team, a new attraction called “House of Giants” was created.
The visitor is guided into the different habitats of the living “giants” and experiences “close up” and seemingly without barriers the largest representatives of birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. Of course, there may not be missing the in the Amazon resident giant otters.
Due to the lifelike design of the habitats and the guidance of the guests on paths and through huts, the tour for the zoo visitors becomes a unique experience in which enclosure boundaries disappear in the design.


Opening: Spring 2019
Area: approx. 1400 m²

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