The Wilhelma in Stuttgart has announced a competition for its new “Elephant World” with an application process of max. 5 participants, for which the experienced ZOOQUARIUMDESIGN team with its engineering and planning team was selected.

The aim was to design an additional entrance, a new restaurant and a unique elephant enclosure for the historical park with its special routes and visual axes. In their design, ZOOQUARIUMDESIGN developed a new concept for “multi-generation” elephant herding that exceeds all best practice animal husbandry and, at the same time, is sustainable and economical to operate.

In terms of urban planning, the entire complex was gently nestled into the park and an architecture was developed that is economical and simple in its construction, but nevertheless unique, atmospheric and above all animal-friendly.

As a result, a concept was presented that not only set animal presentation standards, but also stand out in terms of functionality, economy and design.

Key facts:

Surface Area: ca. 11.000 m² Buildings / ca. 12.500 m² outdoor facilities

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